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How can I register for the Apple Harvest Festival Road Races?


What time does the race start and finish?

  • The 5 Mile Race starts at 8:30AM
  • The 5 K Race starts at 8:45AM
  • The 2 Mile Walk starts at 8:30AM
  • The Y CUP 1 Mile Run begins approximately 9:10AM. See details below 
  • The Little Fritter Fun Runs will begin after most of our 5 Mile participants are finished, at approximately 9:45AM

Where do the races begin and what’s the course?

  • The 5 Mile and 5 K Races begin up top Columbus Blvd. (Right next to Flair Restaurant)
  • Please go to our Race Webpage to get course description.
  • The 2 Mile Walk begins out in front of the Y.  Meet by the huge pine tree.
  • The Y CUP 1 Mile Run begins on Woodruff Street across from DePaolo Middle School on the 5K course.  See details below
  • The Little Fritter Fun Runs begin on North Main Street by the Town Green.  Children and parents should meet at the Town Green Gazebo.

Where and when can I pick up my race number?

  • Pre race pick-up will be held at the Y on Friday, September 29th (9AM 6PM) and Saturday, September 30th from 8AM–2PM
  • You may also pick up you number on Race morning between 7:00AM to 7:45AM at the Y

May I pick up other runner’s t-shirt/bib number?

  • Yes.  Please make sure that the names of all runners are written on the back of the bib number
  • Please take safety pins for bibs

May I run with my dog (or other pet?)

  • Sorry, in fairness to all participants, we do not allow dogs/pets on the course

May I run with a stroller

  • Yes, however, we ask that you start towards the back of the pack and avoid zig-zagging on the course

Do I get a t-shirt?

  • The first 800 signed up for the Apple Harvest Festival Road Races are guaranteed a t-shirt
  • The first 400 will receive the size they signed up.  The next 400 receive theirs on  first come first serve basis. Due to low t-shirt availability (covid strikes again!) we had to order shirts in advance
  • We recommend that you go to prerace packet pick-up to get desired size of t-shirt

Where can I park for the race?

  • While there are parking spots around the YMCA, please note that they fill fast.  There are two additional available parking lots (at the Municipal Center and DellaVecchia Funeral Home) located about a ¼ mile north on RT 10 from the YMCA
  • Please arrive early to make sure you secure a parking space
  • By picking up your race packet on Friday, September 29th or Saturday, September 30th, you’ll have more flexibility with parking in downtown Southington area

Are the streets on the course open for traffic?

  • For the start of the race, Berlin Avenue will be shut down to traffic.  After turning on Berlin Street from Berlin Avenue, please note that some of the roads may have cars on them.
  • Runners are encouraged to run on left side of street, except for final stretch down Berlin Avenue (we’ll have cones set up).
  • We have Southington police managing some of the busier areas on the course.
  • We have volunteers at road intersections to help out.
  • For two mile walk, participants will be on either sidewalks or linear trail
  • For Little Fritter Fun Runs, children will run on streets that are closed down for traffic.

Is there water on the course?

  • For 5 Mile Race, there are two water areas. 
    • Between miles 2 and 3
    • Close to mile 4
  • For 5K Race, there will be one water area
    • Close to mile 2
  • For 2 Mile Walk
    • Walkers may carry their own
  • There will also be water near the finish line.
  • We are working to go ‘greener’ with our event.  We will have water in cups.

Where can I find race results?

I ran in previous years, can I find out how I did?

  • Yes – please go to our Race webpage,  where you can find previous year’s results

If I place, do I get an award?

  • Yes, awards for 5 Mile Race and 5 K Race will be given out after the completion of the Little Fritter Fun Runs.
  • There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for male and females.  For specific age categories, please check our info on our Webpage ,
  • YCUP awards (top three 4th and 5th grade boys and girls) will be given out in their respectful schools the following week
  • Middle School award (top 25 boys and girls who sign up through Team SMSAA) will be given out in their respectful schools the following week
  • Those unable to stay for awards will be given a phone call to pick up their award at the YMCA

Can I get copies of pictures being taken?

  • John Atashian will be taking pictures for the Apple Harvest Festival including the Road Races.  You can view and order pictures from his website:

Are refreshments provided?

  • Yes for runners – thanks to our generous sponsors, there are plenty of post race refreshments.

Are YMCA facilities available?

  • Race participants may use men and women’s locker rooms.  Children may not go into the adult’s locker rooms.
  • Race participants would need to bring their own locks for lockers
  • There are several bathrooms within the Y facilities

Are there volunteer opportunities available?

  • Absolutely. Over 150 volunteers are needed to provide a first class event for our participants
  • Opportunities include, registration, refreshments, course monitors, set up, clean-up, parking, finish line and water stations.  Please contact Wendy Stevens if interested  at 860.426.9537 or
  • Volunteers receive a t-shirt









The Y Cup 1-Mile Run

presented by the

Southington Community YMCA


What is The Y CUP?

  • A 1-Mile Run.  4th and 5th grade boys and girls in Southington run the last mile of the Apple Harvest Festival Road 5k Race


When is the Y CUP?

  • Sunday, October 1, 2023
  • Start – Approximately 9:15 a.m.

Why the Y CUP?

  • Besides a ton of fun and enhancing fitness levels, local elements children compete for their respective elementary school all vying for the prestigious Y CUP
  • Points will be award for top 5 runners in each of the four categories: 4th grade boys, 4th grade girls, 5th grade boys and 5th grade girls
  • 1st Place will be awarded 5 points, 2nd Place get 4 points, 3rd Place gets 3point, 4th place get 2 points, 5th Place gets 1 point


Cost and Registration





Race Day instructions and info

  • All Y Cup participants need to arrive at DePaolo Middle School, 385 Pleasant Street, Southington by 8 am
  • Parent/guardian will sign in their child and leave an emergency phone number with the Y staff
  • Y CUP runners will receive their race bibs
  • Y staff members will be on hand to organize groups and escort them to the start of the Y CUP (at the 2.1 mile mark on Woodruff Street)
  • A safe holding area off Woodruff Street will be monitored by Y staff and volunteers
  • Y CUP runners will begin around 9:10 and begin running in waves 30 to 45 seconds apart by their division (4th grade boys, 4th grade girls, 5th grade boys, 5th grade girls)
  • Y CUP runners at the finish line will be led to a Y CUP holding area for parents/guardian to pick up their child
  • Y CUP runners will also be able to enjoy refreshments



  • Results will be tabulated on Sunday and shared on Monday October 2nd on the Y’s social media outlets 
  • Y staff will visit schools in the days following the Y CUP to present awards to top 5 finishers in each category

Other Y Cup items

  • Parents, guardians, coaches, siblings, etc. are not allowed to run with their child(ren)
  • Y Cup runners should follow Road Race etiquette and respect other competitors. Special attention should be given to running straight and not zig-zagging in front of other runners.
  • Bibs must be pinned on the front of the T-shirt worn 
  • Y cup runner need to keep the electronic trip on the back of their race bib
  • Y Cup runners can wear any shirt on race day including team shirts