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Youth Sports

Welcome to the Cheshire YMCA Youth Sports Program. We hope you will find our programs to be an excellent introduction to popular sports. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask the YMCA staff on hand during class or please contact the Cheshire Community YMCA.

Parent Involvement: One of the key ingredients to success in our programs will come from the support of each child’s family. Most important, we ask that you support all the children throughout the season. Parents are welcome and encouraged to watch each week. We will also invite all parents to help out as coaches, NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. In between each session, we encourage you to practice and speak with your child about their sports experience.

Program Description: Instruction of the Youth Sports Program will be given by the YMCA staff, along with volunteers.  Children will be introduced to the basics of each of the sports.  In the Parent and Me classes YMCA staff will give instruction to both parents and children as parents will continue the instruction from the coaches with their children.

The Child First -- The Sports Second: All YMCA Youth Sports programs are committed to equal participation for each child, no matter what ability level. The emphasis at this stage should be on having fun and learning the game, rather than winning or losing. We ask that parents should reinforce good sportsmanship at home and encourage team play.

Equipment and Clothing: All participants should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. The YMCA will provide each child with a T-shirt. Please remember to wear this each week because it will help build a sense of belonging to the team. There will also be designated times for stretching and water breaks in each class. 

For more information contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 203-272-315 x506.