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Mondays April 3-June 5th 5:30PM-9PM

Monday thru Thursday 9-4 Monday and 10-4PM Tue/Wed/Thur

This course is designed to prepare the participant with the knowledge and skills to be a lifeguard. This comprehensive course offers up to date information on how to guard through prevention

and action steps. Certification upon 100 percent participation, written and practical water test. Also included are CPR and first aid certifications and manual. Participants must pass a swim test on the first night of class. Price of class does not include required pocket mask. Please meet at 6:45 AM on the pool deck ready to swim on the first day.


FULL: $210.00 PROGRAM: $300.00

NON-MEMBER: $350.00


Summer class will be offered the week of June 20th- dates to be announced based on last day of school


Attendance both days is required

Option 1- May 25/26  May 25th 9:30-2:30 PM May 26th 8AM-Noon

Option 2- June 7/8 June 7th 2:45PM-7 PM, June 8th 2:45-6:45PM

This program is for lifeguards who are currently certified and need recertification. Proof of certification is required the first day of class. Course includes CPR/AED and first aid. Please bring pocket mask with you.


FULL: $125.00 PROGRAM: $125.00

NON MEMBER: $150.00

Summer Recert will be offered the week of June 20th

Contact Barbara Glaude at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information